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Home Movies: Can 11271: Downtown Detroit, Michigan Scenes, ca. 1962 and 1951

Home movie in two parts. The first, in color, is an impressionistic picture of buildings, streets and people in downtown Detroit, Michigan, presumably shot around 1962. The second, in black and white, shows scenes shot around the 200th anniversary celebration of the city of Detroit, 1951.

Run time 5 minutes 23 seconds
Audio/Visual silent


Reviewer: Ray1936 - - January 22, 2013
Subject: Detroit's 250th birthday
The downtown shots were taken during the celebration of Detroit's 250th birthday in 1951. Photographer used a telephoto lens exclusively which detracts from what otherwise would be interesting scenery of that era.
Reviewer: Spuzz - - May 29, 2012
Subject: Meh
Pretty dull movie featuring a neverending whirlby of building after building. Gets monotonous after awhile.
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( 1 reviews )